Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Start Of Walking Purse 2

This pink cardigan is what I call an easy sew since it only has two fronts, two sleeves, and a back with simple hems and no facings. As I mentioned in the previous post, I seem to have given away all my cardigan patterns so I...

... drafted one from Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9057 - view A, top left - by adding length to the bottom and separating at center front.

ALTHOUGH... later that day, I was driving past Fabricland and it was OPEN. I'm not sure if it's because our store is a franchise but - of course - I had to go in and bought a cardigan pattern and this gorgeous cotton/nylon blend fabric with lovely drape. It was almost a normal experience, except for the sanitizer and Plexiglas but either way, YES YES!


I fused 1" strips of knit interfacing to the sleeve and bottom hems with the stretch going around, used a zigzag to finish the edges, turned up, and machine stitched in place. On the neckline, I fused narrow strips of knit interfacing with the straight of grain parallel to the cut edge, used a zigzag to finish the edge, turned under 3/8", and used two rows of top stitching to hold in place. The interfacing both stabilized the edge and made it easy to top stitch using a walking foot. 

Last week, I started creating this wire woven piece beginning with the stone. A lot of wrapping later, it was going nowhere good so I...

... removed the stone, twisted some of the wires more, and carried on to finish with a small pendant about 1 1/4" wide and 2 1/4" long that will hang from the top near the large bead. It still needs a patina but I'm pleased that it ended positively.

The purse shown earlier with the pink sweater is my walking purse. It was made a few years ago using a remnant from fabric painting samples and was designed to hold my wallet and keys when I drive somewhere to walk and don't want to carry my regular purse or leave it in the car. For a while, I took my driver's license out of my wallet and tucked it in a pocket only way too many times, I forgot to put it back. The walking purse solved the problem and I can also add a water bottle and my camera.

I like it only the fabric is fairly bright and doesn't necessarily go well with whatever I might be wearing that day so I decided to make another one using a denim remnant. I started by dotting the fabric through a template using a Tee Juice pen that I bought about five years ago and still hadn't used. There is a reasonable gestation period for things and once that's past, there is the why aren't you using this question. It was time.

After shifting the template over the fabric and putting one dot in each circle, there were several dots too close together so I made them into larger dots and then layered the fabric with batting and quilted it in rows using the edge of the presser foot as my guide. This is the start of Walking Purse 2. It will be made completely from remnants which I'll detail in another post however - and you're probably going to get sick of me saying it - I am so excited with what I can make from remnants. It's been a huge eye opener and has increased in my creativity. Even in the back yard...

Last week, I removed these stairs and filled in the hole underneath before putting them back and now I'm building the walkway between the two levels using leftover lumber from several other projects. I basically go to my mini lumber yard, see what I have, and figure it out from there. It's problem solving. Good for my brain.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - finally using long kept supplies

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