Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Exploring Ideas

The weather was less than best this weekend and therefore perfect studio weather although I can come up with justification for just about any weather being perfect studio weather when I want to stay in and play and that's exactly what I wanted to do.

I explored several ideas for setting textile "stones" onto a metal back plate to create the focal element of a necklace. The first idea was a wire wrapped edge which didn't get very far before I realized that the working process for the metal wasn't compatible with the design process since the textile element could not be tumbled or immersed in patina. From there...

... to try two other ideas, I cut out a backing shape with tabs using a jeweler's saw and soldered a bezel closed and to a back plate with MANY tries and moderate success. Both of these techniques were not ones I had tried before and they have potential.

These tabs hold the fabric element in place nicely only I think they are slightly too long and thick and I would want a crisper fold at the edge. This is something to practice. With this method, the back plate is only slightly, or not at all, visible from the front but still gives a solid presence to the piece and helps it hang nicely.

Working with rivets was quite fussy getting them through the fabric and the metal backing and finding the correct angle to hammer them at. With this piece, I used one rivet at the point and one each at the top corners. That wouldn't be nearly enough to hold it securely as there are edges to get under or catch. I'd need to either use far more rivets or both rivets and adhesive.

The bezel also has potential. I'll need more practice to get it secured all the way around and not only in some places and will need to learn more about sanding and polishing to get rid of the solder stains. I have a few more ideas to explore.

The larger piece was made from a remnant of metal brought home from my workshop earlier this year. It was in my instructor's garbage bin. The cut off pieces above are the scrap left over from cutting out my shape. Technically, it's garbage yet I remain amazed at the potential of what I would have once thrown away. I want to take these scraps forward into another piece.

I am abandoning the Burda 6632 top. The neck band, hem, and buttons remained only when I finished the armhole, sewed the side seams, and tried it on, it was too tight and I'm not in love enough to carry on. Those pleats just don't work for me. It's funny because I know they'd look amazing on someone else but on me, they feel way too prissy and foreign. AND... not only would I need to correct the armhole and finish what's left to do, I'd also need to sew a camisole to go underneath and.... not happening... HOWEVER, I will use the fabric for something else.

I took these pictures for a friend who wanted to see what Burda 6501 looked like on me since bias garments can sometimes be less than flattering. That's the reason for the arms wide open image. No make-up. Curled hair. Such a funny time.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - trying new things.

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