Friday, March 20, 2020

I Am Still The Boss Of Me

These are interesting times and while the pandemic is not what I want to spend the majority of my time talking about, it certainly features heavily in my decisions BUT... no matter what... I am still the boss of me. I get to choose my reactions. I can remain calm or panic. I can wring my hands and wail my head off or I can smile at the sunshine through my studio door as I calmly sew stitch a bag for my daughter. I can contribute to the panic around me or help to keep us away from the edge. I can over inundate myself with the endless streams of information or watch enough to remain informed and otherwise take health actions like going into my studio and create...

... which frankly sounds way better. As I type this the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Outside, it's a beautiful day with or without the virus. In fact, with the virus, it's the perfect studio day - to stay in and experiment. I learn to do by doing and I will be doing a lot of reading, writing, knitting, sewing, and jewelry making. I'll be trying new techniques and experimenting with ideas and seeing where that path leads. YES YES!

As this image from my 2020 collage reminds me, I can hand craft the life I live within my home and use this time to grow an all sorts of holistic ways of which creativity is only one part.

For Christmas, I received a porch swing to hang just outside my studio on the yet to be built porch. Right now, as the snow is slowly disappearing and little bits of grass are starting to peak out and the ice on the pond is melting, many of my decisions for this spring have altered but not the desire to hang my swing and leisurely watch the pond behind my house come alive with ducks, heron, eagles, dragonflies, and turtles. It's such a blessing to live here. One project on my list is to paint fabric to make a covered cushion for my swing and maybe some throw cushions too - a comfy, curl up place. Hopefully the swing will hang outside the studio. If we're asked to stay inside, I can hang it there too with almost the same view. One side of the glass or the other, I can have my swing.

A younger me would have been in a panic about all that is going on. With the life experience I've gathered, I'm not thrilled but I am able to look forward to the artist retreat, to moving slow, to being right here in the right now, and to working with the my skills and the supplies in my studio. I'll post more about what I'm thinking next week. I've been writing once a week, every Friday, so far and plan to increase the number of post per week. I think it's important to connect and share and to support and encourage one another. BIG HUGS.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - that I am stronger than before, stronger than ever

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