Friday, February 28, 2020

Batch-Cut & Celebrate

When I moved to this community in the fall of 2015, it was the first time that I'd changed locations as an adult. I had plenty of experience with moving around town but none with moving to a new town. It has not been as easy as I'd hoped to get to know people although I hear that's a common experience.

In January, I joined a twice-a-month group that meets on Monday nights in an attempt to develop more acquaintances on the way to closer friendships. The women work on a variety of projects and normally I knit but this week, I took a pile of fabric and batch-cut t-shirts.

Vogue 9057 by Marcy Tilton is a basic t-shirt that I've sewn numerous times using view A shown in the upper left corner. I cut two in black and one in a stripe.

Butterick 6492 is a not-yet-sewn pattern. A friend sewed it last year and when I tried it on, I thought it had potential. I cut it out of a very soft, charcoal flecked, black knit that I love the feel of so much I wish it came in other colours.

This image - which I swore I took angled straight and obviously did not - is a copy of a purchased t-shirt. The original has pockets on the front but I left them off this time since it's the first test. This is the same black fabric that I also cut the Vogue t-shirts out of. It has really lovely drape. I also cut this pattern out in a denim blue that I may add the pockets to.

AND... happy dance celebration... I have finally found a way to support the textile element I showed in an earlier post. It's a forged piece of copper with texture and patina. There is a hole on each side of the top where I can add a chain and it'll sit at the collar bone when finished. I am so glad that I waited for the right answer. I'm super pleased with this result.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - patience pays off

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