Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year, New Decade, New Project, New Blog

The new year started just like the old year ended. It snowed... and snowed... and snowed and snowed and snowed. And, as pretty as that can be, it meant a lot of shoveling and shifting. I am happy to be spending time in the studio today.

The snow build-up on the railing above was only the amount of accumulation part way through the day. This deck is just off the kitchen upstairs and my studio is directly below. This past fall...

... I had patio doors installed so that I can see out at ground level and straight across to the pond located on the property behind mine. With a white coating everywhere, the piles of waiting yard work are beautified and hidden. It's very comforting to curl up in my chair and just watch, or knit, or hand stitch, while enjoying both the pond life and the neighbours who walk by on the trail. I bought this house four years ago when I moved from a community just over an hour away. It's such a gift.

Long, long ago, in my early twenties, I set a new year's resolution to work on one project at a time. Back then, I tended to start a lot of things and finish few and that particular year my studio was full of unfinished projects that no longer worked for me. It's a resolution that has not only stuck but served me well.

Now, as much as I am able, I attempt to end each year with no unfinished projects and an exciting one in progress that will transition into the new year. At first, I was quite rigid, wanting to get everything done no matter what. I've mellowed and now I'm more patient to delay finishing for the right answer.

In the jewelry part of my studio, I'm working on the pendant above left determining how I want to encase and hang it with wire or metalwork. With knitting, I am working on a simple, lightweight cardigan in a lovely turquoise colour, inventing the pattern as I go. And, with sewing, this purse is waiting for a handle answer. So far, every solution I've tried hasn't worked the way I'd like so I may take it apart and restructure it. I tend to do that a lot because...

... I don't need just another finished object. I am warm, dry, safe, fed, clothed, and loved. What I really want is another artistic adventure... oh... and... some pants!

This morning, I shifted my pattern collection to a new location while looking for this out-of-print Vogue 8712 pattern of Marcy Tilton's. According to my notes, I sewed this version...

... in July 2012. They were made from a stable knit and very easy to wear. I have a similar weight knit in stash so that's where I'll begin this new year, new decade, new project, new blog. Thanks for joining my journey.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - new beginnings

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