Friday, January 31, 2020

Blurry Black & White

Right up front... or near the beginning at least... let me say that this blog is not about gourmet photos. While I'm working to improve my photography, sometimes done and posted may often be as good as it gets otherwise the delay could go on and on and eventually I'd stop posting altogether. Mutual sharing, support and encouragement, and a community of creatives is more my intent that pretty imagery.

One of my all-time favourite pant patterns is Burda 7400. The only change I've made to the original is to replace the wide ribbed waistband with a narrower elastic one. It's a comfortable pattern I've sewn numerous time with endless compliments. A win-win.

Typically, I'm not drawn to high contrast colours and live more in the medium to dark range... except with black and white. There's a neutral yet high energy feel to that classic combination. When I finished these pants...

... it prompted me to go looking for this image I've had in my files for years because not only am I drawn to the complete aesthetic, I really want a necklace like that. Now that I am learning how to make jewelry, it's completely within my grasp and I'm definitely going to work on that inspiration some time soon.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - new pants

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